Friday, March 31

How the converter works

This converter is designed for converting text files to html (web pages), when they have a manual line break at the end of each line (crlf = carriage return line feed). The converter removes the breaks which are not paragraph markers so that the text can automatically wrap. Then it adds html formatting for paragraphs and document formatting so the text can be read as a web document. Or alternatively you can save the modified text document without the manual line breaks and put it onto your handheld too to be read with a text editing programme.
The converter is a Java programme so it needs a Java environment to run. If you have Java on your system, the converter will start online from your browser if you click on the jar download link. You can then start using the converter.
The purpose of the converter is to get inappropriately formatted text files onto a handheld device so you can read them. Inappropriate formatting may come about from scanning texts and using text recognition software to save them in text format. (Or old-fashioned typists who add a carriage return at the end of each line of typing rather than allowing the computer to word wrap the text.) If you have used text recognition and made texts like this, the software here is what you need.
I developed it to get access to texts which mostly have this format. It is a great source of e-books, but they need reformatting for my Palm.
To use the software without a Java environment either for Gutenberg texts or other texts with manual line breaks:
  • download a Java Runtime Environment and install it
  • double-click the link on this page to download the java jar file
  • follow the on-screen instructions
This is free software. It works fine but comes with no guarantee. I am happy if you can get plenty of good texts to read on your handheld device.


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