Tuesday, January 10

Ebooks: Converter for Gutenberg Text Documents

Gutenberg.org is a great source for classic texts with thousands of books available for download. The only problem with them for ebook readers is that they are mostly in a text format which cannot be loaded easily onto a PDA. They will transfer over, but are not suitably formatted and hard to navigate. Lines are of odd length. Scrolling goes line by line.
So I have written a Java programme which will convert Gutenberg text files into well-formatted html. Download it. Then start it by clicking on the gutenberg.jar file. Follow the on screen instructions.
To use the converter, Java needs to be installed on your computer. It can be downloaded from Sun.
The obstacle with Gutenberg text files is that they have a paragraph marker at the end of every line. This interferes with any attempt to simply paste them into an html editor or to make a pdf out of them.
The converter removes these unwanted carriage returns and reformats the text into an html document which you save on your computer. The etext then has all the features of html.
Using Plucker, these html files can be read on your Palm or Treo. Easy navigation, searching and bookmarking are some of the features. Use Plucker on your palm with Sunrise Desktop on your computer for synchronisation. Sunrise also requires Java.



Blogger JohnH said...

Alas, the converter program is missing....

1:04 am  
Blogger dotAtelier said...

Thanks Johnh for pointing this out. I have removed the old converter refered to in this post and replaced it with a newer one. I've now changed the links to point to it instead of the missing one.

7:18 am  

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