Sunday, February 12

Keeping control of your e-texts

New download
As promised there is now a new converter for Gutenberg texts available to download.
It does the following:
  • Starting from a text file - mostly with manual line breaks
  • Create the same text without the unnecessary line breaks
  • Create an html file from the text for your handheld
It requires:
It's free!

You can:
  • Keep control over your supply of your texts because the text file without line breaks is so simple to search, copy and paste, look at.
  • Read Gutenberg ebooks in an easy to read html format
  • Put the text file and the html on your handheld - use Plucker for the html and Documents to Go for the text.
  • Easily read and edit on the move
  • Get thousands of free books from and keep control over the format.
  • Avoid being stuck with e-texts which you can only read, or which you can only read in pieces on-line with ads all around them.


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